Get Your Weather Here

Great news! I finally have that weather station that I’ve wanted for years, actually for as long as I can remember. Unknown by many souls around me is the fact that I’m a wannabe meteorologist. In addition to getting the weather station installed and working correctly with a wireless connection to my computer where data is collected and, of course, turned into expert weather forecasts for the Redington Shores area, the station is now a part of the Weather Underground network.  For anyone that’s interested, I’ve added a page to this sight where current weather will be displayed along with a link to a more comprehensive display of current and historical weather along with the current weather forecast.

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New Portrait for the Gallery

This is Spanky Boy Duff.  This portrait was commissioned as a Christmas gift to the Duff’ household.  We like it!  What do you think?

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Hot Hot Hot

The heat has been almost unbearable during the last half of July.

I can only imagine what the electric bill will be. Thanks to the heat, lots of time has been spent indoors catching up on admin stuff. Things like back up and recovery procedures for our home network and computers, updating and printing our address book, updating all the data in our phones to match the updated data in the address book etc. Does this sound like fun? I may decide to document some of this and share it at a later date thinking that it may help someone else to avoid the possible loss of their computer data.

Oh, I almost forgot, fixing the website.

Next on the agenda, travel to PA on or about 8/18 for a couple of weeks.

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Shamu’s New Window

7 / 11

The window beside the Captains seat was broken months ago. Fortunately it was thermal glass and only the outer layer was broken. Long story short, parts of this sort are difficult to get and expensive. The window has been on order for months now. It’s a specialty item and there is no inventory. It finally arrived on June 28 and we were scheduled to be away for a couple of weeks so I had plenty of time to think about how I was going to handle the replacement and worry. As always, multiply the estimated time for a job by a factor of 3 or 5 to determine how long it will really take. Replacement was difficult and time consuming but saved $1500 when compared to the dealer estimate. If it doesn’t leak, it was time and effort well spent.

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R & R at TT

6/29 7/10

This was supposed to be time with Grandson Dustin but in stead it turned out to be quiet time for Carolyn and me. The weather is unbearably hot so it’s not a bad time to kick back, turn the AC down and spend time reading, watching movies, surfing and such. Take a walk after the sun goes down, take a shower, go to bed early, get up, go for a walk before it gets hot, kick back and take it easy. Not bad! All in all, it was a nice couple of weeks. We finished up with a nice visit with Donna and Carl Gruel, members of our motor home club. They live in Kilmarnock and invited us for a visit and dinner.

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