Back Home in VA

This time it’s been 2 1/2 weeks since the last post.  It’s not that I don’t want to keep things up to date, there are many demands for my limited available time and my impression is that there’s limited interest.  Thanks for those that take a look from time to time.  The heading says it all, we’re at home in Virginia.

I’ll try to provide a sketchy account of where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing. When we last posted, we were in Stephen Foster park in White Springs, FL.  We had a nice stay there for a couple of days and then migrated on toward Perry GA.  In Perry, we enjoyed a week with a couple of dozen of our close motor homing friends from VA.  We were at the Family Motor Coach Association International Rally.  Days were filled with seminars, vendor exhibits, and tours of new motor homes. Of course we had happy hour every evening followed by entertainment.  There were  about 3000 Motor homes at the rally which translates into about 6000 people.

We departed Perry Friday morning, spent Friday night in Fairplay, SC and then made our way to Mocksville, NC on Saturday where we stayed a couple of days.  Monday was a travel day that found us at home late afternoon.

I always forget how many limbs and stick fall from our trees during the winter.  Tuesday and Wednesday got most of the lawn cleanup done.  Thursday was a rest day.  On Friday, we find ourselves back on the road heading to Portsmouth to see Carolyn’s parents.  Three months have passed since we last saw them.

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Next Week We’ll be in Georgia

It’s been two weeks since I last posted. First I’ll provide a big picture view of the time that’s passed then fill in a few of the blanks. We stayed at TT Orlando until Monday, March 7 when we moved to Lazy Days in Seffner, FL for two days. From there we moved to Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs, FL.

Now for a few details. Our time at TT Orlando was nice for lots of reasons. Great weather, line dancing every morning, lots of friends from our motor home club in VAP1030057 (Karen and Berkley Alexander, Carl and Donna Gruel, Butch and Liz Jones, Bobby and Barbara Dyke ) and enough activities ( geocaching, Skycraft, Graves R/C Hobies, Webster Fleamarket) in the area to keep us busy. Meals out and happy hours filled in the remaining time. Lazy Days was a quick stop of only two busy days. For those that don’t know, Lazy Days is the largest RV dealer in the country. So big, it’s hard to imagine if you haven’t been there. We always enjoy looking at the latest and greatest but inevitably walk away with a confirmation that we made a good choice when we bought Shamu ( our current motor home). We bought Shamu from Lazy Days. One of the benefits of the purchase is that we are “Customers for Life” which includes breakfast and lunch when we’re there. You can probably guess where we had 2 meals each day.

Wednesday, March 9 we migrated north to White Springs, FL where we’re staying at Stephen Foster State Park. Along the way, we stopped for a visit with “Big Daddy” Don Garlits at his museum in Ocala. For anyone interested in drag racing, this is a “must see” stop. This is one of those places that provides sensory overload.P1030088 There are so many historically significant cars and motorcycles, so many signs, so many engines, so much automotive stuff. Take my word for it, it’s good.

Stephen Foster park is an interesting place too though it’s a bit remote. White springs is on the Suwannee River of “Old Folks at Home” fame. This is Florida’s state song. Foster also wrote “My Old Kentucky Home, Kentucky’s state song. The museum,P1030144 pano exhibits, and facilities are all first rate. We had an interesting day exploring the area while geocaching.

Friday we move north again to Perry,GA where we’ll attend the Family Motor Coach Association’s International Rally. We’ll be attending with about 30 friends from our Dogwood Chapter. More later…….

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It’s Snowing in San Francisco

Can you believe it? It’s snowing in San Francisco and it’s mid 80’s in Orlando. Nancy Pelosi, eat your heart out. God is not smiling on you.

We arrived at TT Orlando on Monday following an uneventful drive from Wauchula. I say uneventful, it was except for a stop at the Merita bread store.  For quite some time now, I’ve labored under the impression that there is no more day old bread . Have you noticed that bread doesn’t mold anymore? You know what I’m talking about. That blue stuff that used to happen to bread after a few days. Now, for reasons that I’ll let you research, it no longer turns blue. It only gets hard and some sort of white crud grows.  For the “not too savy” it looks a little like flower that came off the pan.  Even my pet squirrels in the back yard at home know better.  They won’t eat day old bread.  Enough of this tirade, I just needed to vent.  Just in case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t buy any day old bread.  Close examination of the photos in the link will reveal that I must not be the only one. The shelves are all full.

Today is Friday and we’ve just returned from a visit with John and Pat Errington.  It was a nice visit.  Of course we got a tour of their new home, enjoyed a delicious lunch at a local eateryIMG_0566 where the fish sandwich was almost as good as Keys Grouper and had catch up conversation that lasted for hours.  Our hope is that our next meeting will be less than the four years it took this time.P1030048

TT Orlando is an active place.  Carolyn does walk fit and line dancing in the mornings while Mann catches up on work.  Afternoons for the most part are spent checking out the area.  Car club friends Butch and Liz Jones are supposed to arrive tomorrow.  The Webster flea market is on Monday.  More on those activities later.

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Delinquent Poster

Our 10 days at Peace River TT have flown by.  It’s already almost time to leave.  For those that don’t know, the TT we’re at is in Wauchula, FL. We were here once before almost 6 years ago and remembered a sleepy little town with very little commerce that was a little too remote for our liking.  Today, most of the fast food chains are represented, there are three major grocery stores, a Super Walmart and a variety of restaurants.  Add to this an abundance of sunshine and warm temperatures; what more could you ask for?

We’ve been thoroughly entertained by the area as a whole and will plan a return trip another year.  We visited Sebring ( about 20 miles away)  where we found an abundance of commerce, a delightful small town that’s built around a lake.  We enjoyed lunch at a really good Mexican restaurant, Don Jose, which is on the lake and offers dining alfresco.  Another day, we went geocaching and set a personal best of 80 caches in one day.  I’ll update our geocaching page soon.

A few other interesting tidbits that I won’t elaborate on include:  the Peace River that runs through TT  where there are an abundance of fossils and the Phosphate museum in Mulbury Fl that tells the interesting story of phosphate mining in central Florida.

We’ll move to TT Orlando on Monday.  We like it there so we look forward to seeing how things have changed since we were last there.  Add to that a few friends that will be there with us and we’re sure to enjoy the stay.

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Moving Day, Friday February 11

We had reservations for only one week and that time has passed.  Today we move on to Wauchula, FL which is about 50 miles inland on the Peace River.  We’ll be staying at the TT Peace River RV Resort for 10 days and will then move on to Orlando.  There are lots of caches around the area so we expect to spend some time geocaching.  We’ll also be fairly close to Sebring so we’ll spend some time exploring.  I always thought that I’d like to go to the Sebring 12 hour race but it’s not in the cards this year due to prior plans that will have us in Perry GA on the date of the race.

Since the last blog update, we’ve spent a day exploring Venice, a beautiful Gulf beach town and Pine Island where we met old friends Al and Lynda Barone for Lunch.  We first met Al and Lynda in 2001 at Long Key.  At that time we went to the Keys for a few months every winter.  It sure was nice to see and talk with these folks whom we seldom get to see in person.

Mann and Al Barone Carolyn and Lynda Barone

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