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Next Week We’ll be in Georgia

It’s been two weeks since I last posted. First I’ll provide a big picture view of the time that’s passed then fill in a few of the blanks. We stayed at TT Orlando until Monday, March 7 when we moved … Continue reading

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Corvettes at Carlisle

Here’s an update covering the past week.  Mann’s birthday was August 23 so most of the day was filled with Bday activities.  There were numerous phone calls and cards with well wishes for the Old Mann.  A birthday dinner with … Continue reading

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Gettysburg, PA

It’s August 22 and we’re in Gettysburg, PA. The weather is delightful, sunny and mid 80’s.We’re at Battlefield RV Resort a few days, probably until Wednesday or Thursday when we’ll move on to Hershey, PA. While we’re here, we plan … Continue reading

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VIR – Alton, VA

4/21  – 4/24 Virginia International Raceway is the source of many memories for Mann.  Long time friend Rufus Barbour and Mann played hooky from school about 1960 and drove here for the first visit.  At that time, the track was … Continue reading

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Rainy Day

This past week has been filled with an abundance of hard work and a fair amount of fun too. First, I promised shed updates to keep the pressure on. Some progress has been made though not as much as I … Continue reading

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