Delinquent Poster

Our 10 days at Peace River TT have flown by.  It’s already almost time to leave.  For those that don’t know, the TT we’re at is in Wauchula, FL. We were here once before almost 6 years ago and remembered a sleepy little town with very little commerce that was a little too remote for our liking.  Today, most of the fast food chains are represented, there are three major grocery stores, a Super Walmart and a variety of restaurants.  Add to this an abundance of sunshine and warm temperatures; what more could you ask for?

We’ve been thoroughly entertained by the area as a whole and will plan a return trip another year.  We visited Sebring ( about 20 miles away)  where we found an abundance of commerce, a delightful small town that’s built around a lake.  We enjoyed lunch at a really good Mexican restaurant, Don Jose, which is on the lake and offers dining alfresco.  Another day, we went geocaching and set a personal best of 80 caches in one day.  I’ll update our geocaching page soon.

A few other interesting tidbits that I won’t elaborate on include:  the Peace River that runs through TT  where there are an abundance of fossils and the Phosphate museum in Mulbury Fl that tells the interesting story of phosphate mining in central Florida.

We’ll move to TT Orlando on Monday.  We like it there so we look forward to seeing how things have changed since we were last there.  Add to that a few friends that will be there with us and we’re sure to enjoy the stay.

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