Beach Days

We’ve been here at Port Charlotte for a few days.  Each day we’ve been out and about exploring the towns around this part of Florida.  Englewood Beach on


Manasota Key was our first stop.  It’s a beautiful area with lots of beautiful homes along the beach road.  This area has a nice quaint feel, almost rural in some respects.  There are public beaches each with it’s own parking area.  Another day we went to Punta Gorda and again found the area to be delightful.  Nice housing, most with Gulf or river access canals, abounds.  It’s hard to believe but most real estate seams to be fairly reasonably priced.

Today was another beach day with travel to Gasparilla Island.


This has got to be some of the best of  Florida Gulf coast living. The atmosphere can be best described a “quaint”


Banyan trees abound and there’s a nice mix of old beach  estates surrounded by high walls and newer housing but my comments about the cost of Florida  housing won’t hold true on this island.

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