Conroe – The End

The end of our visit with family in TX has come.  We’re always sad to leave but it’s a necessary part of the visit.  Time since our last post has passed quickly, probably because the weather has improved and we’ve been more active because the weather has been better.

Since our last post, we’ve enjoyed a Cruise of the Houston harbor which is recommended for visitors to Houston.  This short cruise offers an opportunity to see Houston’s port which  is ranked first in the United States in foreign waterborne tonnage; first in U.S. imports ; second in U.S. export tonnage and second in the U.S. in total tonnage.  Much of what is obvious is Oil and Gas related and scrap metal which I surmise is on it’s way to China.

This photo was taken from the cruise boat of a scrap metal processing facility.  Click on the image to enlarge it and study the photo details.  To the right are scrap auto’s.  I estimate thousands of them.  In the middle is a pile of wire, cables, re-bar etc., and to the left is a pile of ground up metal, presumably the by product of grinding up cars. It’s an amazing operation.

Following the cruise we enjoyed Lunch with Son in Law Jeff  followed by an interesting Tour of Rice University.  Jeff works in Rice’s Environmental Health and Safety department  as a Safety Specialist.

Other than the above, we’ve spent some afternoons geocaching and of course spent some time exploring the area.  That’s about it for Conroe this year.  Tomorrow morning we plan to head East.  I might add, in a hurry.  The weather forecast says we’ll awake to temperatures around around 70 and by late afternoon the temperature will fall to 40.  High winds and the possibility of fluries by the end of the day round out the forecast.

We’ll get up early and hopefully make it to eastern Louisiana before the end of the day.

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