More Lake Conroe

Kohls hasn’t let us down.  Carolyn experienced

a joyous day of shopping with a 20% off coupon and then there’s ……Line Dancing.  Evey Tuesday and Thursday we get to get up early for Line Dancing.  It just doesn’t get much better!

Then, of course, there’s the real reason for being here.  Lara, Jeff, Matt and Sara.  We had a nice visit this past weekend, enjoyed  a couple of days together.  Good company and a couple of nice meals together.   Sara thought some camping would be fun so she spent the weekend with us in the motor home.  Spanky and Sara are much like oil and water.  Sara chases, spanky runs, Sara squeels, Spanky hisses.  I’m not a mind reader but in this case, I can read the cats mind. “When are you going to take that kid home?”  We did on Monday afternoon. Schools were closed  for MLK day.

We’ll be in Conroe TX until Tuesday, Feb 1 when we’ll head east for Florida.  Carolyn finished getting reservations today.  We’ll be at Harbor Lakes RV Resort in Port Charlotte on Feb 7 for a week.  Then we’ll move to Thousand Trails Peace River on the 14th for two weeks.  We’ll move to Thousand Trails Orlando on the 28th for two weeks.  When we leave Orlando, we think we’ll go to Lazy Days in Seffner for a few days.  Next stop, Perry GA for the FMCA International rally.  Currently, we plan to meet a bunch of our Dogwood Chapter friends for a week of socializing anf Rally stuff.  By then, it may be time to head home.  If the weather in VA is still cold, maybe we’ll do something else.  This vagabond lifestyle is so stressful.  We never seem to know where we’ll be next!

South Florida is bound to bring warm weather.

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