On The Road Again

Winter time is hear and it’s finally time to look for some warmer weather.  The question is: will we find it?  Following a few busy days including celebrating Christmas, we finally got away on Sunday mid day.  We made it to Greensborough.  Monday we drove to Concord  where we visited the Backing Up Classics auto museum which is owned by Jimmy Morrison whom a bought a car from a couple of years ago.  It’s a nice stop for anyone interested in automotive stuff, mostly from the 60’s.  There are also an abundance of motorcycle displays including Harley Davidson scooters from the 50’s and 60’s.

Since there are no good over night spots around Concord, we decided to drive on to Gaffney, SC where Freightliner has a factory service center.  We’re scheduled for maintenance work on Shamu’s front end along with some other routine maintenance, mostly related to air brakes.  They’ve scheduled us for two days.  Can’t wait to see the bill!  LOL  The only saving grace, they provide camping space out back including utilities and as mebers of theFL owners club, they’re running a special, 15% on parts and labor.  Can’t wait to see how much I save.

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