Back Home Again

Arrived home following GEAR and a nice ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  All in all, a nice little trip .  Everything went more or less as planned with with few exceptions.  We enjoyed a nice visit with Carolyn’s Uncle Charles who is in a nursing home in Statesville followed by a visit with cousins and lots of their kids, grand kids etc.  More kids than most of us can imagine.  The good news is that they’re all cute, fun loving, seemingly well adjusted kids.  GEAR ended up beiging a nice affair with a bunch of our Dogwood friends present.  Mann and Carolyn both had Jobs.  Carolyn monitored seminars and Mann ferried handicapped and those that just didn’t feel like walking in a golf cart.  If you think about an event like this, most of the folks there have white hair or no hair and almost without exception seldom feel like walking.  LOL

When the rally wrapped up, we drove west to the Blue Ridge mountains and headed north on the parkway expecting to find foliage at its fall peak.  As it turns out, we were a few days late.  It was nice in spite of the fact that Mother Nature was on a schedule different than ours.  We spent the night at Meadows of Dan and then headed home.  I have a few pictures posted.

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