It’s Oct 12.  We’re at home right now but preparing for a short trip.  We’ll leave this coming Friday for Lexington, NC  (BBQ capital of the world).  Why Lexington?  It’s close to Statesville where we plan to visit with some of Carolyn’s family.  It’s close to Winston Salem where we’ll attend GEAR ( Great Eastern Area Rally) next Tuesday through Sunday.  And of course, there’s BBQ.  Following Gear, we’re thinking we’ll drive the Blueridge parkway north and spend a few days in the midst of “Leaf Season”.

Speaking of leaves reminds me that leaf season is right around the corner.  It’s a great time of the year but I always dread the work.  During the past week or so, Mother Nature has been giving me the opportunity to train for leaf season by providing an abundance of acorns.  Oh misery!  My knees and back hurt from the bending.

Larry and Gerry Clark stopped close by last Thursday (Oct 7) as they traveled to Concord for their Grand daughter’s wedding.  We had a nice albeit short visit.

As you see, not much going on.  Hopefully we’ll get off our duff soon and get a little excitement back in life.

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