Back Home

We’re back home again following a delightful short trip that concluded with a motor home rally in Luray Va.  The trip was short but not without excitement.  I’ll start at the beginning.

Up early last Wednesday for the trip to Big Meadows.  Big Meadows is near the Northern end of the Skyline Drive which was built during and following the “great depression” by the Civilian Conservation Corps. (CCC) which was the first example of government trying  to spend its way out of depression.  Ironically, we found stimulus money at work on the skyline drive once again.  There is a huge repaving project under way, probably the first one since the prior “great depression” .  I can’t help but wonder if the men I saw working are occupying new jobs or are they saved jobs.

Wednesday afternoon we visited the museum at Big Meadows where the featured exhibit details the construction of the drive by the CCC.  It’s a really interesting story and a typically well done job by the National Park Service.

Thursday, we drove north on the drive to Skyland and then on to Sperryville which is at the base of the East side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sperryville is a neat little town which    

is of some historical significance I’m told but no one seems to know exactly what or why other than the fact that it’s old.  Anyway, back to the real point of this, on the way to Sperryville, we discovered a tunnel on the road we planned to travel that was restricted to vehicles 12′ 8″ or less.  Needless to say, I decided that a top on Shamu seems a necessary thing so we ended up driving the long way around when we left Big Meadows.  Next stop, Luray, VA.  We enjoyed the company of 22 of our close friends for a fun weekend filled with good food and lots of laughs, tall tales etc..  See a few photo’s here.   On Saturday, we visited Luray Caverns.  Sunday was a travel day. .

We’re home now and will be until  mid October when we’ll head out to Winston Salem, NC for the Great Eastern Area Rally (GEAR) .  Mann is on the board of EAMA (Eastern Area Motor Home Association) so a trip to GEAR is necessary to attend the meeting.  Don’t you just love all the acronyms.

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