Sick Bay – Newark, DE

Tuesday morning, we left TT Hershey.  It’s a delightful day with moderate, for this time of year,temperatures.  Lots of Amish people on the roads in their buggys.  Tuesday must be market day or something like that.  We arrived Terrapin Lane in Newark around noon following a nice leisurely drive from Hershey. We enjoyed a nice afternoon with Friends Rufus and Susan Barbour.  A neighbor across the street has extra space and the ground is firm so we parked across the street.

As for the title, the whole story is a long story .  The short version is that Rufus has a hiatal hernia and is scheduled for surgery Wed Sept 8. Thoughts and prayers are in order.

Travel home on Wednesday was slow.  Route 301 south from Delaware is a nice peaceful drive but there are an abundance of small towns, traffic lights etc.   We arrived home about an hour later than we expected.  Spanky seemed glad to be back home.

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