Corvettes at Carlisle

Here’s an update covering the past week.  Mann’s birthday was August 23 so most of the day was filled with Bday activities.  There were numerous phone calls and cards with well wishes for the Old Mann.  A birthday dinner with Larry and Gerry ClarkP1020067 P1020059 P1020061

at Ott House ( a restaurant in Emmitsburg…. No its not Out) and a


Birthday pie finished up the day.  Tuesday, we visited Wills House where Abraham Lincoln spent the night before his Gettysburg address.  We also located the memorial plaque for Virginia’s 56th Infantry.  Mann’s Great Grandfather served with the 56th in Gettysburg in the “War of Northern Aggression” . P1020486

We moved on to TT Hershey on Wednesday as planned.  Friends Butch and Liz Jones arrived later in the day in their new Discovery motor home .  It’s a beautiful almost 40 foot motor home which they are noticeably and justifiably proud of.  Thursday was mostly a day of rest.  Friday was the big day.  Mann and Butch went to Carlisle for the Corvette Show while Carolyn and Liz toured the local towns with a focus on Amish stores, culture, etc.  Corvettes at Carlisle was huge as usual and Mann and Butch  were both  very tired by days end.  Click the following image to see a few photos of the event.


A good time was had by all.

Saturday brought beautiful weather again.  Mann and Butch decided to do some more car stuff by visiting the AACA museum in Hershey.  The museum is a beautiful facility and is a recommended stop if you’re in the Hershey area.  The museum has many more cars, motorcycle, buses etc than can be displayed at one time so the exhibits change periodically, usually at an interval of about six months.  Check the photo’s section for a few photo’s taken at the museum.

Tuesday we’ll head for Delaware.

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