Gettysburg, PA

It’s August 22 and we’re in Gettysburg, PA. The weather is delightful, sunny and mid 80’s.We’re at Battlefield RV Resort a few days, probably until Wednesday or Thursday when we’ll move on to Hershey, PA. While we’re here, we plan to visit with friends Gerry and Larry Clark and do some sight seeing. Corvettes at Carlisle is next week end so plans from this point forward revolve around that. Friends Butch and Liz Jones who live not far from us and are in both our Motor Home and Corvette Club plan to meet us in Hershey where Mann and Butch will do Corvette stuff and Carolyn and Liz will do girl stuff. When we leave Hershey, we’ll head east to Deleware for a short visit with friends Rufus and Susan Barbour before heading home. That’s the plan.

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