A week in PA with Grandson Dustin

6/27 and 28 Gettysburg Battlefield Resort – Drove around the Gettysburg battlefields.  Climbed the tower

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and checked out the cannons.  Went to the visitor center   Watched a movie, saw the cyclorama,  and then visited the museum.  More material than you could possibly absorb in a day.  The idea was to reinforce 4th grade class in civil war history for Dustin but we suspect there were some soldiers turning over in their graves as he said Lee was the general for the North and the confederates won the battle at Gettysburg.   Friends Larry and Gerry Clark who live close by came over late afternoon and we went to dinner at the Ott House in Emmittsburg MD.  As always, it was good to see them.

6/29 –  7/5  TT Hershey The campground just opened after being hit by a tornado on June 22.  Hundreds of trees must have been knocked down.  One fell through the middle of a cabin.  With all the damage it is amazing that no one was injured.  Dustin likes it here thanks to the abundance of kid stuff.  Swimming pool, put-put, fishing lake, ice cream parlor, lots of other kids etc.  What’s not to like?

While in Hershey, we visited Hershey Chocolate World, did a little geocaching and took Dustin for a ride through  the Amish country. While we were out, we stopped at the farmer’s market in Ephrata, observed some Amish people in their buggies and kids on their scooters. but no one working in the fields. We wanted Dustin to see the farmers plowing with horses.  We also made stops at the Cannery and Pretzel factory in Intercourse.  Dustin got to make his own pretzel.  As expected, interest wasn’t too great but some day it will be remembered.  So, we stopped at Walmart, bought Dustin  some fishing gear and went fishing when we returned to the park.  Fishing was a popular activity and a fairly successful one too.  Other activities included s’mores at the campfire circle, fishing, pool, water slide, putt putt tournament, dodge ball, dancing , and…  Did I mention fishing?  I’m too tired to continue so we returned Dustin to his Mom on 7/5.  How did I ever survive kids?

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