VIR – Heacock Historic races

6/3 – 6/6

We were hosts for the Dogwood Rally for the Heacock Historic races.  VIR had told us that we couldn’t get inside the raceway until Friday am, however when we arrived on Thursday they couldn’t figure out why they shouldn’t let us in. Given that we were one of the first ones in the infield, it should be no surprise that we picked out a great site overlooking the track.  This is as good as it gets for a spot to watch the racing.   Unfortunately it was very hot – mid 90s – all weekend.  The guys checked out the cars and racing while the women chatted.  Spanky threw up in the afternoon, we suspect from the heat, so we ran the generator and AC from then on.  We rode with friend Wilt Greenwood as he drove his Hemi Jeep around the track.  This was more of an adventure than anticipated.  There was supposed to be a pace car but when we were waved by, it turned into a race some of which was on two wheels as we rounded the corners.  All in all, the hemi powered Grand Cherokee held its own until the brakes started smoking.  Not too good for hundred plus speeds.

Everyone had a good time though the heat rubbed off some of the polish. There were almost more cars than people, most of them fully restored race cars from the 1960’s.  Check out the pictures.

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