VIR – Alton, VA

4/21  – 4/24

Virginia International Raceway is the source of many memories for Mann.  Long time friend Rufus Barbour and Mann played hooky from school about 1960 and drove here for the first visit.  At that time, the track was new and there were no locks.  You can probably guess the rest of the story.  More visits followed through the early 1960’s for the best of road racing.

This year, we’re here for the Rolex races with the Dogwood Chapter of FMCA.  We were able to park all 9 coaches together.  Dinner at the Oak Tree Tavern on the racegrounds was particularly nice.  We had our own room at the tavern,  the food and service was excellent.  The meal exceeded all expectations.

Qualifying and heat races started early and ended late every day.  There was lot’s of exciting racing which was complimented by an open paddock where the cars could be examined up close.  All of this was made even better by an abundance of great food, happy hours and fellowship. Here’s a link to more and photos if interested.

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