Lake Conroe Texas

After the holidays we packed up the motor home and headed towards Texas. Unfortunately we encountered unseasonably bitter cold temperatures for over a week with temperatures in the teens. As a result, we got to enjoy the ravages of cold weather including a frozen water pump Fortunately it was nothing that space heaters and hair dryers couldn’t take care of. We stopped in Gaffney SC at the Freightliner Factory Service Center for motor home maintenance. While we were in Gaffney we enjoyed seeing our friends

Donald and Carol Warthan who happened to be passing through on their trip to warmer weather and we also visited the BMW plant in Spartanburg for a factory tour. They manufacture the X5 and X6 BMW’s there. Auto manufacturing is a fascinating process. If you have never seen the robotics used for auto assembly, the presses used to manufacture parts etc. , an auto manufacturing plant would be a recommended stop.

We have been at Lake Conroe, just north of Houston, for a couple weeks. The weather has been nice -usually in the mid 60s to low 70s. We have enjoyed visiting with Lara, Jeff, Matt and Sara on the weekends. The grand kids have really grown and changed – they are growing up fast. Below is a photo of Chief and Sara. Compare it to the one taken almost exactly a year ago .

Carolyn has been line dancing a couple days a week with the ladies at the campground. We have been doing some geocaching in the afternoons. A great way to see the area. When we were in the Sam Houston Forest, a yellow lab puppy joined us – jumping on us, chasing the car, just wanting to play. After several miles, we decided to leave the forest in hopes that he would go home.
We’ll leave Conroe next Monday, Feb 1, and move to Columbus TX for a while. We always enjoy the Opry’s, and brisket BBQ in that area. While in Columbus, we also plan to take day trips to Austin for sight seeing and discovery.
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