Warmer weather here we come.

First, the final installment for the shed story. The pressure to finish was sufficient that I decided to contract out the siding and roofing. I couldn’t rationalize leaving the project unfinished till spring and there wasn’t enough time to complete the work before leaving on the winter trip. Many of those that do construction work are anxious for work, any kind of work. The prices I was quoted were only a little more that I could buy materials for. This made the decision to have someone else do the work a lot easier. Here’s a photo of the finished project.

I’m pleased with the finished product. It looks pretty good doesn’t it?

Christmas this year was a quiet one spent with Carolyn’s parents. We returned home on Saturday and on Sunday the local kids and family came for dinner, gift exchange etc.

The high temperature today was around 40 and the low tonight is supposed to be around 20. Our current plan is to leave this cold weather on Friday morning. Now all we have to do is get packed up and then we’ll be heading for Texas.

We wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

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