It’s hard to believe

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a month since I last updated the blog.
It’s hard to believe it’s rained almost every day for the past month.
It’s hard to believe Christmas is only two weeks away.
It’s hard to believe that my two week shed project has taken two months.
It’s also hard to believe how cute the finished shed is going to be. I’ve finally finished the basic construction. It now has a window and door that actually work.

By the time Christmas gets here, it’ll have a real roof and siding just like the house. Can’t wait!

Other than working on the shed, the past month has been filled with rain, quiet time, some preparation for Christmas and four days in Virginia Beach for a rally with our motor home group. We had a great Christmas rally with the group as we always do. As usual, there was too much food and an abundance of camaraderie with about 40 of our close friends.

The weather in central Virginia is beginning to turn cold. Temperatures tonight are supposed to be in the low 20’s. That’s our cue to start thinking about moving to warmer weather. We plan to leave for Texas around the first of next year. More on all of this later.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas, prosperity and good health in the coming year.

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