Have you noticed it’s raining

Urbana Oyster festival has come and gone. We had a nice time, enjoyed the company of a bunch of nice people, and hurried home to get up some leaves. Here are are a few photo’s.

Monday was a fun day. I spent most of the day doing engine service on the motor home reasoning that it’ll be cold soon and since things like an oil change require that I crawl on the ground under the engine, I’d better get it done soon. Thanks to latex gloves, I managed to get the job done without getting my hands dirty.

The shed looks pretty much like it did last report but it is much stronger. I spent a few hours on Tuesday completing the nailing of the sheeting on the sides. The more nails I added, the sturdier it seemed. It’s now rock solid and ready for a roof.

It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Virginia for the past couple of days. Nearly five inches they say. I’m supposed to do a car show this weekend so I suppose it’ll be next week before I get around to making any more shed progress.. Gotta keep the priorities in order.

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