Rainy Day

This past week has been filled with an abundance of hard work and a fair amount of fun too. First, I promised shed updates to keep the pressure on. Some progress has been made though not as much as I would like. Every step requires about twice as much work as I originally expected. This week I finally decided what kind of door to use and purchased both the Door and a window. Armed with the required rough opening dimensions for the window and door, I designed the structure for the walls that they occupy and built the wall with the window opening. I also built the two other straight walls that have no openings.

Three down and one to go. If the rain will stop, I can finish the remaining wall. Then I think I’ll build the truss roof prior to erecting the walls. Did I mention that the walls have been built flat on the floor so I’ll have to round up some help to get them erect. The reason I want to build the truss system for the roof prior to erecting the walls is so that I can build a template on the floor for the truss. That way I can build 12 of them and they should be all alike. That’s the general idea, right?
Enough about boring building stuff. Now for the fun stuff. This past Saturday was rally day for our car club.

Rallies can take a lot of different forms but the one we participated in was sort of like a puzzle. The general idea is to drive a route that has been designed to provide an interesting ride. This would be all fine and good except that the directions are a bit cryptic and you score points by both driving the correct distance ( translation: don’t make any wrong turns) and answering questions about things you should see along the way. In many ways, this sort of reminds me of hanging wallpaper with your spouse. After a few wrong turns , inability to answer questions etc. , communications start to break down. There was even one couple that quit and went home to cool off. Anyway, we did eventually find our way to where we were supposed to be, “The Smoky Pig”. We enjoyed a mid afternoon bar B Q meal with friends. A good time was had by all.

A week from now we’ll be getting ready to leave for Urbanna where we’ll meet a group of our motor home friends for a fun week end at the Urbanna Oyster Festival. Sounds like fun!
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