Events of the past couple of weeks

Birthdays aren’t what they used to be. I vividly recall the excitement that came with approaching birthdays when I was younger. Sometimes they came more than once a year. How old are you? Oh, I’m 6 and a half! There were also the ones that carried special meaning like #’s 16, 21, 40, 50, or 65. They marked milestones like getting a drivers lisence, being able to legally by liquor, being “over the hill” or finally getting medicare. My birthday was August 23. I ‘m now at a point where I’d be OK with not having any more but I’m not quite ready for the end of the road. My kids are trying to help me along by forgetting my day but fortunately many others have helped me by remembering me with cards and well wishes.

Carolyn and I left for a short trip to eastern PA on my bday. Stopped in Chambersburg for a nice Bday lunch with friends Larry and Gerry Clark who live nearby. Then, on to Hershey
where we enjoyed the Roots farmers market ( hundreds of Amash and Mennonite farmers and their wives selling fruits and vegitables from their farms and baked goods from their kitchens) where prices are U N B E L I V A B L E. How about 12 ears of sweet white corn for $1 or a pound of beautiful mushrooms for $1. After a week of being lazy and enjoying fresh fruits and vegitables we went to Carlisle for the annual Corvette show.

The weather was delightful for August. Days were in lower to middle 70’s and nights in upper 50’s. This sure beats the high 90’s we left in Richmond. We visit this area regularly and I always leave marveling at the beauty and the spirit of this place. It is truely one of Gods marvels.

Sunday, August 30 we traveled south to Gettysburg PA We stayed at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort where we visited with Larry and Gerry Clark for a few days. They live in their motor home 8 or so months each year so their home is a cabin in the PA mountains about 15 miles from Gettysburg. We enjoyed good times with good friends. Battlefield Resort is located in the midst of Civil War battlefields and only a a fraction of a mile from the site of the bulk of the battle of Gettysburg. There are reinactments most weekends.

Wednesday, September 2; its time to go home. The lawn hasn’t been mowed in two weeks and it’s calling.

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