Sore Throat and ………

Who would ever believe that anyone could talk so much catching up that the throat would hurt. Listerine is my new best friend. Larry and Gerry Clark pulled into Duff’s Marina and campground Monday afternoon following a visit with family in Concord NC. This was the first time the new electric service was used to power something substantial like a MH. It was hot and there were no complaints so the AC must have worked OK I’m just glad that we didn’t burn up wiring and appliances on their MH. I was afraid to try plugging ours in. Everyone always tried to tell me that there’s something special about the way you wire the electric service for a camper but I just set it up like you would for a 240 V range or something like that. I must be right since there were no fireworks.
Tuesday was filled with more chit chat and a delicious shrimp dinner. Time flies when you’re having fun. It seamed like our friends had just arrived when it was time to move on.
My final question, would you buy a used car fro this man?

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