My Favorite Grook

A grook is a form of short aphoristic poem. My favorite is titled TTT. It goes as follows: Things Take Time. Do you get the connection between tile and lyrics? A couple of weeks ago I went in for surgery expecting that I’d feel fine after a day or two. Well, here we are two weeks and a day later and I’m finally beginning to think everything is going to be OK. Things take time!
This week Carolyn and I are out in the Motor Home with grandson Dustin. This seemed like a good chance to spend some time with him and at the same time take it easy and try to recuperate. The week got off to a rough start when Dustin crashed his bike and skinned himself up pretty good. Carolyn and I were near by watching him ride when he just flew over the handlebars onto the road. None of us could figure out how it happened. Our hope is that he’ll be none the worse for wear when we return him on Sunday.
Today is Thursday so the week is passing by quickly. We only have a few more days of put put, ping pong, swimming pools and game rooms. Thankfully, Carolyn seems to have enough energy to keep up.
Speaking of keeping up, there’s a new car in the garage at home which we hope can keep up.

Note that it is white. More on this later

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