Lake Conroe

This is a really nice place this time of the year. Today is the first cool day (upper 50’s) we’ve had since arriving here two weeks ago. Most of the time the temperatures have been in the upper 70’s during the day and lower 40’s at night.

It’s interesting how areas develop here in Texas. The commerce always grows along the large highways with residential development nearby about a mile or two away from the major roadways. Most major roadways (Interstate or State Hwy) have access roads beside them. The access roads are built first with a large right of way between them. When an area builds up and highways are needed, the highways are built in the right of way between the access roads with no disruption of traffic.

We’ve gotten out a bit since getting here. We went to College Station, TX one day. College Station is home to Texas A & M University and

The George H. W. Bush Presidential Library. The library was an interesting visit. We spent most of the day there. It was well done and there wasn’t nearly as much evident effort to skew the history of the Bush presidency as we saw in the last Presidential library we visited in Little Rock, AR.

We’ve also visited the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville, TX.

To understand the role of Sam Houston in Texas history is to understand Texas History. He was a bigger than life character that was instrumental in leading Texas to the status of a free Republic and then to statehood.

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