Grand Children !

Daughter Lara and family are moving to Houston, TX. Jeff ( Lara’s husband ) has already started his new job at Rice University. Translation, Lara is in Richmond with two children in school and working a job with hours that don’t always mesh with school hours and other activities. Lucky for us, this provides a little extra time for fun with grandchildren. The local Chevrolet dealer had a Corvette car show today so Mann and Matt got to check out Corvettes from 1956 to date. The only ones for sale were 2008 models. We can only guess where this may lead.

As much fun as the Corvette show was, it couldn’t compare to the fun of happening across a local church with a sign outside that, as unimaginable as this is, mentions the name of a friend who’s currently in AZ. This illustrates clearly the expected long distance benefits of prayer.

You may recall previous mention of Larry and Gerry Clark on this Blog. While we can’t speak to or otherwise validate, or for that matter, invalidate information contained on the sign, we have noticed that our Larry seems a bit irritable of late.

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