Trust your instincts

Several years ago we were considering the purchase of a supplemental breaking system for our Toad (for those that aren’t RV’ers, a toad is the car towed behind the Motor Home (MH)). There are good arguments for having one, it’s like insurance. You never know when you might need it. There are good reasons not to have one, they cost cost a lot. We’ll, we finally gave in to reason deciding to err on the side of safety.

Today, that decision paid for itself. A Canadian couple from Ontario were traveling ahead of us on RT 17 heading toward Fredericksburg VA. We were traveling along about 55 mph approaching a green traffic signal. They apparently couldn’t decide whether to turn or not so they slammed on their breaks skidding to a halt in the middle of the intersection under a green light. Everybody knows that big trucks and motor homes towing a car can’t stop as fast as a car, right! Well, we proved that assumption wrong today thanks to our Brake Buddy. Mann managed to stop with almost two inches to spare. The Canadian couple couldn’t figure out why the Air horn was blaring. Go figure!! We love our Brake Buddy!!!!

Diesel at Flying J was a pleasant surprise today, only $3.99 a gallon. The good news is that the credit card company seems to be getting used to the prices and no longer calls us when we fill up.

We’re back at home safe and sound. We think that’s important.

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