Delaware Friends

It’s only 250 miles from Providence Forge, VA to Newark, DE but rain, fog and some narrow roads make for a long day on the road. We arrived at our friends Rufus and Susan Barbour’s home late afternoon. Their big driveway makes a perfect camping spot for Shamu.

It’s always great to sit back and catch up on things. Mann and Rufus have been friends since high school and were roommates in college for a year. Long term friendships require lots of catching up. Susan prepared a great steak dinner which we finished up with ice cream and Susan’s home made cookies. Mighty good!

Mann was awfully impressed that Northern Equipment sent Rufus a hard bound catalog. It was only after inspecting Rufus’ new truck that he understood. Note the bed mounted tool boxes, ladder rack, bumper mounted lift etc. The catalog came with a price!

Tuesday morning we gave Rufus an introduction to geocaching by searching out a couple of caches close to home and then visited Barbour Automotive, son Joe’s auto repair shop.

It’s time to leave now. Next stop, Hershey, PA

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